Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ten honest, yet random, truths about me, and one outright lie.

I once had a friend. Her name was Melanie. I thought she liked me...until she gave me WORK to do. You see, Melanie received this award, and no I'm not talking about that nice one she received from Pacific Northwest Writers Association, the second place mainstream category award she won in 2009 for her manuscript, The Pirate's Reckoning. Who wants to remember 2009? That year should rest in peace. No, this award is affectionately called Scrap.

I would like to rename it Crap.

The purpose of this award, I believe, is to put people out, to force them to pretend they have seven friends, and to get them to write a blog post.

That is crap.

I don't need an award to write a blog post. Well, maybe I do. It's been awhile, but still.

To be fair, it was nice of her to include me in her (s)crap post, and to link back to my blog. "Thank you, Melanie. Thank you very much. Really." There. Did that sound like sarcasm? If not, I may try again later.

To be honest, there are 100 things I could tell you about me. But I won't. I'll boil it down to ten salient items that make The First Carol successful. 1 ... 2... 10.

What? You weren't paying attention? I'm not repeating it. Really.

Now, this is where I make something up. Here's eleven. Guess which one is not true.
1. I play the accordion.

2. I own an RV.

3. I like whiskey.

4. I have traveled to 18 countries.

5. I am not retired.

6. After writing a manuscript that includes an Asian man, I have become infatuated with Asian men. Just ask my daughter who is likely embarrassed by how I stare at them in public. She claims nothing I do embarrasses her. I aim to change that.

7. I have never run for public office.

8. I never had a dog growing up. At the moment I have more than three in the house (deprivation is NEVER the key to raising a sane human being) Also: we will never have puppies again, we will never hae puppies again, we will never have puppies again, we will never have puppies again. Get the picture?

9. I have multiple college degrees.

10. I have a dozen computers in the house.

11. During college I worked in a bowling alley--as a beer and wine waitress.

Now to find seven unsuspecting innocents to pass the baton to... (muahaha).

Your task, dear friends listed below, is to share ten truths about yourself and then pass on the (S)crap award to seven worthy recipients who must also list ten honest things about themselves, and so on.

First, I choose, Parisa who blogs at Blind Donut. She has already posted 10 wonderful novelties about herself courtesy of her sister. Thanks for being so fast!

Second, I would like to introduce you to Melissa who writes romance for Harlequin and blogs at Melissa's Diary. She has a daughter (just like me) and her daughter loves 4-H (just like mine) and I see her regularly (at 4-H) and hopefully she will still speak to me after this.

Next, I want to pick a boy. I would like to pick the most popular boy to have appeared on this blog, Dale Chumbley. He is married to a fabulous writer so I would like to pick her to, Bridget Chumbley.

I would like to nominate myself again because I am so fascinating, but I won't. I'll pick Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt, two published authors of YA who have entertained my daughter thoroughly. In fact, I have a bone to pick with both of them for the sleep my child has lost devouring their books into the wee hours of the morning.

For number seven, I choose the devilishly handsome Donovan Creed, and if he is busy, then John Locke may take his place and reveal ten truths about himself.

Because I like boys, I'm also picking Jon, who's not quite sane which makes him a perfect candidate for these exercises.

And just to be clear, folks, this was not my idea. This was Melanie's idea. She may have all the credit if this finds you disgruntled in any way.

Okay, Melanie, smartie-pants, (and everyone else) which one of the eleven items above do you think is not true?



Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess number 10 - a dozen computers in the house. I've been collecting the darn things since the mid 1970s and have only given three away and *I* don't have a dozen. Wait ... Altair 680B, Kim 1, TI trainer, Tandy 200, Sharp PC 1500, Toshiba Libretto, two OLPC XOs, the workstation, the laptop ... uh oh ... programmable calculators count, right? Two HP and two TI ... PDAs? A Sharp Zaurus and an iPaq ... uh ... never mind

And good morning ...

Anonymous said...

I KNOW #6 is true! I'm wondering if #7 is the lie... cuz if you would have run, you would have won! Just sayin.

btw... I am terrible at this stuff, I've been asked to play a few times and haven't quite gotten around to it... yet. LOL

Melanie Sherman said...

I'm thinking you don't like whiskey. But, if I'm wrong, come on down to Applebee's on Friday evening during happy hour. I'll be there with a group from work. Perhaps whiskey is part of the happy price decrease?

And it is a danged HONOR to be chosen for this award. Honest it is. Geeeeeeeeeez. So, what, am I a patsy?

The First Carol said...

Bridget: Oh, I never do these things, but you know, I make it all up and pretend it's all true, and then leave a litle mystery, or two... And you can only belive half the things I write. Oh, and i'm bad at math, so maybe more than half. I'll let you know.

The First Carol said...

Melanie: well, now I'm confused. I think it might be Scotch I like, is that the same as Whiskey? I never tried the stuff until that character (you know who) sipped on it and I thought, heck, I should understand why he enjoys it, and I socked that thimble full back like it was lemonade. I remember it was good. Warm, even.

Now that I've enjoyed the 'honor' of my reward I might need to celebrate. Tea this time, in honor of that other character. Do you know who? Well, it doesn't matter. If all of my characters had drinks, like they have colors, I think it'd be a mess.

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