Friday, July 10, 2009

Shiraz. Hurrah. Critique group celebration

Pictured left to right: the group. Photographer: The First Carol

Congratulations to critique group member, Melanie, 2009 finalist in the mainstream category, Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest. While the group would like to take credit for dragging her into a clever literary style and offering all that great developmental editing—that she would otherwise had to have paid thousands for—we must concede, “You are the master and have added greatly to our growth. Thank you and congratulations!”

The survivors of Carolyn Rose's Novel Writing Boot Camp I & II, pictured above, enjoyed ice cream bon-bon’s provided by Lisa and sipped Shiraz provided by The First Carol. Not heavy drinkers, The First Carol brought the bottle home. She’s still sipping the ruby-colored liquid all in a vain attempt to avoid re-writes of part one of her manuscript.

Put the bottle down and get to work, girl!



Melanie Sherman said...

Geez, Carol, we had to drive after. Now, if we'd had a designated driver, you can bet you wouldn't have brought any wine home.

We have a great group, all with wonderfully original stories. I'm looking forward to appearing on Oprah together as soon as we are all published.

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