Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tomorrow's leaders will be defined by . . . well they can spell.

I was checking out FutureWorks, the top agency in the US for social media, digital and public relations integration led by Brian Solis, and I watched the entire, actually entirely too long, entrance video. (Screen shot of website above).

I spent more time on the first page than I normally do, and as I did my eyes wandered down to the copy blocks and I began to absorb what top public relations practitioners say about themselves:

“FutureWorks is an award-winning digital and social media agency founded and led by author, speaker and thought-leader Brian Solis. FutureWorks fuses “best of breed” social media, new media, digital influence and work of mouth marketing. (Boldface and italics mine, screenshot below).”

From this description, namely the reference to ‘work’ of mouth, it is clear they must also specialize in dentistry.

I know advertising people. Some advertising people are my best friends. Some may say I might be one. And yes, there's some heavy drilling that goes on when marketing people attack the world to influence us with their version of information, and here is the EXCITING news FutureWorks is ahead of their time.

FutureWorks may have found the shortcut to the hours spent on research to understand the target demographic, the shortcut to gathering intelligence from focus groups, the steep investment to hire top creative managers and renowned web designers. Certainly, they have discovered how to eliminate the hours upon online hours drowning in understanding and participating in social media. Potentially, they may have found the way to avoid all the small marketing testing and near misses, and to immediately deploy on large scale.

It's clear FutureWorks has decided to get in our heads through our mouth.

I'm thinking a good tooth yanking would definitely make me buy ANYTHING.

Or, perhaps FutureWorks should learn to spell.

P.S. It's ‘word’ of mouth marketing.

Carry on.



John Ross said...

Ha! And not just how well they can spell, but perhaps how well they can proof read. I sometimes hang my head in embarrassment for the goofy errors than make it into finished products.

My pet peeves, as mentioned before: there, their & they're as well as to, two & too. It's just too bad that spell & grammar check have their obvious limitations, because apparently many outfits don't employ real, human, competent proofreaders.

Thus endeth the rant for the day. ;-D

John Ross said...

p.s. then instead of than...

The First Carol said...

John: Here is my fear, that I will notice everyone else's error and not my own. For instance, I think you meant 'that' but that, of course, remains to be seen.

Someone said...

I *wish* it were true that great spelling was still highly valued. If it were, I'd be on top of the world, ma.'s "proofread." One word. ;)

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