Friday, June 3, 2011

Why a winner is always a writer

Thank you Jan, Abhishek, Wendy, Kailynn, Tina, Suedenym (sp), Deb, Elizabeth, Melanie, MusicalDogs, Mike, Jacqueline, DukTape, and Anonymous for your comments on the guest post from author Carolyn J. Rose. You were entered in the drawing for the novel, HEMLOCK LAKE, A Catskill Mountains Mystery, published by Five Star.

Due to the high credibility of this blog and desire to sustain that enviable status, the drawing was held at a neutral place (my place of employment), in a neutral spot (the lunchroom), was conducted by a neutral party (first person I could enlist), was witnessed by people who didn't care, and has been authenticated as COMPLETELY LEGIT. Signed affidavits will be provided upon request.

Cue drum roll:



(enthusiastic applause!!!)

Deb is a children's writer living in Washington State. Her short stories have appeared in several children's magazines and she is currently working on a contemporary middle grade novel. She also blogs at the Adventures of Freckles & Deb, Bunny Bloggers. Her prize has been delivered, read and savored. We'll wait for Deb to chime in with a review.

To everyone: I am looking forward to sharing more of your wit and thoughtful commentary to balance my blather. Oh, and its way okay to invite your friends on over to the Pearl of Carol.

In conclusion, a winner is always a writer because in the contest you had to leave a comment.

That requires writing.

Any questions?

Send them to: pearlofcarol (at) gmail (dot) com.

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