Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why you should always keep a clean room

Yesterday, one of our web visitors spent some precious Saturday leisure time to reflect on our wallpaper post. Their reflection resulted in a comment that was simply too good not to feature. And like all good thoughtful, reflective posts, there is a moral to the story (See Editor's Note below).

Here's the contribution from an 'anonymous' visitor:

Once upon a time Little_Carol was overheard commenting on The "Magic Mother." For those of you who do not know who The "Magic Mother" was I'll try and explain. She was the mystical, magical mother that was never wrong and always knew what you were doing and thinking. In this part of the universe nothing was kept from The "Magic Mother" because she was the closest thing to an omniscient being they knew. The universe was in balance and all things were right. This is how things are and things rarely change.

One day Little_Brother came along. Now Little_Sister thought that Little_Brother was the most annoying creature in the world, this unbeknown to her is called the little brother effect. The little brother annoyance factor is higher and louder when is traveling towards him or him towards you. Simply stated the little brother effect is directly proportional to the proximity of you to the little brother.

Now where was I? Oh yes, the day that Little_Brother came along. The universe shifted that day as the balance had been upset. Little_Brother came to believe in the things his Big_Sisters told him of the omniscient being they knew and called The "Magic Mother." She was always right and had never been proved otherwise. Things in the universe began to settle back in and once again the universe was in balance and all things were right. This is how things are and things rarely change.

One day as Little_Brother was walking through a room he overheard The "Magic Mother" talking and he was stunned. He actually thought he heard The "Magic Mother" say she was wrong. This.....could it be... but how could he prove it. You see like the boy that called wolf Little_Brother had been known to pull a prank or 2 or 3 or eleven-teen. He knew Big_Sisters would never believe him and think it was just another prank. His mind went rushing how to prove it. Since he was a well read boy for his age, he loved Hardy Boys and Sherlock Holmes, a thought came into his mind. Why not put it on paper and see if The "Magic Mother" would sign it. Proof positive that no one could deny. Yes and it was a good example of Occam's razor, well at least he thought it was.

Decision made, he quickly searched for something to write on and write with. He quickly penned the important things (On this date, at this time, The "Magic Mother" admitted to being wrong). He left a line for her signature. He approached The "Magic Mother" and presented her with his writing. She quickly read it. This always puzzled him he thought she would have known what he was up to and would have no need to read it. That was just a passing thought and was as easily forgotten as the answer "yes" to the question of can I go out and play.

She signed it, after a little laugh. Oh, on that day the universe once again shifted and once again it was not balanced. He had to find Big_Sisters and show them his proof. Big_Sisters could hardly believe their eyes, and the universe shifted again as things became more and more out of balance. They ran to The "Magic Mother" and asked if it was true. They could not believe that Little_Brother could be right and The "Magic Mother" was not. Oh, how their universes were turned upside down that day.

As the years went by, that piece of paper was swallowed up in the portable hole that existed in his room, although he could never find it. This did not matter as it was always remember there was a piece of paper and even to this day The "Magic Mother" is still The "Magic Mother."

Editors Note: Let this be a lesson to all of us, clean your room and know where your important papers are!

The only other thing I can say, is this: I REMEMBER THAT PIECE OF PAPER.

Like it was yesterday :-)


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