Sunday, February 26, 2012

Continuing saga of the black pants


As you recall, you asked me to pick up your black (not navy) pants and take them to your friends flower shop. They were heading south to your vacation spot and were happy to deliver the correct color of slacks to you, if I could deliver the correct color of slacks to them. You specified a specific date for me to drop them off before your friends left town.

I had no problem getting your pants to your friends shop by the day you noted.

However, I do not believe it was the date you meant.

I went by on Thursday to deliver your black (not navy) pants, early. Surprisingly, the girls in the shop said that Ann and her husband had left that morning.

I must have looked very crestfallen as I shuffled out of the store trying to figure out how I had made a mistake and delivered on the wrong date.

I plopped into my car and started to turn the key.

Suddenly, one of the florists sprang from the shop waving a bouquet of carnations. She tapped on my window. I eased it down and she stuffed the flowers in my hand.

I accepted them with a droopy smile.

I now have a bouquet of pink flowers and a pair of black slacks.

As a reminder, this is February. Next month is March.


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