Saturday, February 1, 2014

That's why you didn'tt (sic)

Check out row five of page twelve of this famous little mystery book.

"That's why you didn'tt like being..."

I didn'tt (sic) like the spelling of didn't.

If you can guess the book -- I'll send you something from my Pearl of Carol Amazon shop. Good luck!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

What intrigues you?

We understand least what we overlook, disregard, ignore.

We understand least what we know in abundance.

It is that one piece of life that is different that attracts our attention and intrigues us.

It is that one piece that doesn't fit that causes us to spend time, take time to examine, behold, take in, breath in, touch, magnify, relish, marvel.

What intrigues you?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dad responds to date error in black pants saga


Well, thanks for your efforts in being my helper. It will work out ok. I seems that I do not only know what day it is I cannot remember what month it is. Does that mean the the year will be next?

Thanks again


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Continuing saga of the black pants


As you recall, you asked me to pick up your black (not navy) pants and take them to your friends flower shop. They were heading south to your vacation spot and were happy to deliver the correct color of slacks to you, if I could deliver the correct color of slacks to them. You specified a specific date for me to drop them off before your friends left town.

I had no problem getting your pants to your friends shop by the day you noted.

However, I do not believe it was the date you meant.

I went by on Thursday to deliver your black (not navy) pants, early. Surprisingly, the girls in the shop said that Ann and her husband had left that morning.

I must have looked very crestfallen as I shuffled out of the store trying to figure out how I had made a mistake and delivered on the wrong date.

I plopped into my car and started to turn the key.

Suddenly, one of the florists sprang from the shop waving a bouquet of carnations. She tapped on my window. I eased it down and she stuffed the flowers in my hand.

I accepted them with a droopy smile.

I now have a bouquet of pink flowers and a pair of black slacks.

As a reminder, this is February. Next month is March.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Navy is the new black: the story of the missing pants

My dad is a regular guy. With regular issues. He forgets things.

He is on vacation and discovered he was missing something. He sent me an email and asked that I stop by his house, dig through his closet, grab his black pants -- that he needs for a special occasion -- and forward them to his sunny digs in Arizona.

I did.

Then I got this message.

"I do not remember if I thanked you for going by the house to pick up my black pants so here is a thank you.

However, the pants you chose were Navy Blue."

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Elephant makes stool, do you sit on it or step in it?

I recently followed a headline reading, “Elephant Makes Stool,” followed by “First Known Aha Moment for Species.”
An elephant uses a cube as a stool.
Kandula uses stool to reach for fruit.

There's a child in my house.

Once, that child made a stool, too.

It came with an AHA moment, as well.

I believe that child may have thought something like “Eureka!”

The link I followed took me to a page showing the video of the defining moment for the baby elephant.

I thought I might see something humorous.

“Eureka!” I read, “Burst of insight may redefine elephant intelligence.”

In an apparent flash of insight, I realized the stool was, a stool.

Watch the video here.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Wonder what I'm thinking?

This is a picture of me that my daughter captured on a recent trip to China. I find it all very intriguing. Help me write the photo caption by leaving your thoughts in the comments section.

That could be intriguing, too.

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