Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who will play Jae-Chun Lee in the movie? I'm leaning towards Daniel Henney

Like leaning WAY, way...oops fell off my chair. Okay, back in place, here's the audition call: all tall Korean actors who speak English, please apply.

Okay, skip the English, no translatation needed for this.

Kerri Ann describes Lee as being physically fit, with great abs, kind of like the guy at 1:15.

Guy at 1:23 also has "the look."

I'm sorry, but what was that at 1:42??

Okay, that was fun. Now, let's see them in a suit.

Not enough suits for you, eh? I admit it, most of that was a tease.

Try the next one. You've got time, it's less than thirty seconds. It's Daniel Henney. Come on. You've got time to watch it twice.

Now for John...crap, that will not be as much fun. Oh, heck, I can still look for Jae-Chun Lee's cousins: Jae-Hyeon, Jae-Jin, Jae-Min.


Eliza said...

Ha! My opportunity to laugh at you... You crack me up.

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