Monday, April 20, 2009

Celebrities who've met ME! 7.0

To commemorate the release of Breaking Up is Hard to Do, the second book in the beloved Miracle Girls series and the subsequent FREE party, I'm celebrating by sharing a brief high school adventure featuring my best friend, a politician, arguably the third most powerful in state history, later 'de-officed' for...let's say misconduct, a boy band, and an obligatory reference to beer.

The world is full of interesting people. Some of the best have met ME


Bob Packwood
Bob Packwood tracked me down at a political rally. My best friend in high school, Carol Wright, heard there would be cute guys at this event, complete with a boy band, and we went for it. We waited so long for Packwood to arrive that when he finally did show it was 100% anti-climatic for us.

Kids swarmed The Suit and The Second Carol and I hung on the fringes until pushed forward. He answered questions from students who really cared about politics. I had no idea what they clamored about and stifled a yawn. Packwood turned and directed his piercing blues at me and waited expectantly for me to say something, maybe ask a deep question, something well thought out. Yes, there was something I wanted to know.

"Hi, um, when's the band going to play?" I asked, ecstatic to speak with someone who could actually force the band to begin.

He stared at me momentarily, like unbelievably, blank stare and moved to the next kid. Carol and I ditched the event. Another successful high-school outing...that and that along-the-river kegger we went to that the cops broke up.

For those interested in the Senator's issues, here's the background, or better yet, read something fun, how about Breaking Up is Hard to Do by Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt.



May Vanderbilt said...


I LOVE that you asked when the band was going to play.

Eliza said...

I would just like to say that I really like you. Not a comment on this post--just a comment in general.

Anonymous said...

I guess you are a chip of the ol' block after all, What kegger? I never heard about that did I?


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