Saturday, August 1, 2009

Winner either way, cause your parents are here...and so are we


Critique group member Melanie is spending the final heart wrenching moments of finding out whether she is the PNWA mainstream category winner by moving her parents. Across country.

Her latest correspondence:

I'm using my mother's computer to email. Her computer won't allow me to access the webpage (you recommended). I'm exhausted and can barely wait to get on the plane to enjoy my first class ticket home. But wait...they are sending my father with me. He will talk talk talk talk the entire flight.



The final questions:

  • Will Melanie survive her loquacious father on the flight out West?

  • Will Melanie win the PNWA contest?

  • When she wins, will she thank our critique group for unwavering loyalty and astute recommendations on her lovely historical fiction manuscript?

Your turn! What have you been waiting for? Who's waiting with you?

Pictured left to right: Melanie and our loyal critique group.
Photographer: The First Carol

UPDATE SATURDAY 10 PM: I've told everyone what a GREAT critique group I'm in. I couldn't believe I got second place. Wow wow wow. Melanie

UPDATE 11 PM: I've been invited to send the first chapter to four agents. One of them wants me to split it into two novels of 50,000 words each and sell it as YA.

[Yes! Wishes do come true - The First Carol]



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