Friday, July 3, 2009

And the winner of the Ooligan book is...

Ooligan Book Thank you Dale Chumbley, Melanie, helen and Anita for your comments on the Ooligan three-part series regarding the state of the publishing industry. For the three of you who requested, you were entered in the drawing for the mini-book, RETHINKING PAPER & INK, The Sustainable Publishing Revolution, published by Ooligan Press, Portland State University.

Due to the high credibility of this blog and desire to sustain that enviable status, the drawing was held at a neutral place (my place of employment), in a neutral spot (the lunchroom), was conducted by a neutral party (credit assistant), was witnessed by people who didn't care, and has been authenticated as COMPLETELY LEGIT. Signed affadavits will be provided upon request.

Cue drum roll:

Thank you, Barbara, for drawing the winners and stopping to get that perfect manicure just in time for the picture shoot.






(enthusiastic applause!!!)

Why three? I know, confusing when I only promised two. Well, I prefer everyone to win, and while I only announced two books, I had one in my back pocket (literally, they're small). It is my pleasure to award all three volumes, as I have enjoyed each of your blogs, and bounded estactic through the room at each of your comments. Furthermore, I am looking forward to sharing more of your wit, thoughtful commentary, and any blather you'd like to post. You may consider your book in every way a bribe. Oh, and its way okay to invite your friends on over to the Pearl of Carol.

To receive your copy, please email me: pearlofcarol (at) gmail (dot) com, and since you are all within a tank of gas, I'd be happy to deliver in person and buy you a cup of coffee. I'll also talk your head off as you sip politely and glance furtively at your watch wondering, how long can this woman talk? To be honest, as long as the audience's patience endures.

In conclusion, I'll let Dennis Stovall have the last word and respond to Helen's curiosity about where the name Ooligan originated:

"The name Ooligan is adopted from a Native American word for a smelt otherwise known as the candlefish. The ooligan was an abundant natural resource in Pacific Northwest rivers. It may well be the word from which the name Oregon was derived. During the trade of the valuable fish oil to tribes east of the Rockies, the L in Ooligan was replaced with an R, giving us the sound Ooregon. Gradually, this usage became the name of a place and assumed its current spelling of Oregon in the course of history. The anthropology on this was in the Oregon Historical Society Quarterly in 2001. ds"

Thanks for participating!

(You didn't really think I'd let someone else really have the last word, did you?)



T said...

Ahh everyone is a winner how very PC and like a good sheeple you are following the example set by our government in no one is allowed to fail or lose :^)

I did enjoy the wit sprinkled with a bit of shamless self promotion topped by a little brown noseing. You rule !! and boy must it suck to be at work on a nice day like today

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