Monday, May 25, 2009

Everyman's War

Karen works with me. She's a great advertising professional but better judgment failed when she allowed her husband to sneak out late at night and crawl back home practically frozen. What was he doing? He was acting in a movie, Everyman's War. Despite the ravaged look in his eyes (photo above), he's also known as Clark County's 'George Clooney' or at least that's what Karen likes to tell him.

Rick is quite capable talking anything electrical, and at this weekend's premier the audience discovered he is also adept at barking orders. “Everybody out of the truck. Grab your weapons and ammo….we got a five mile hike down this rail line,” shouts Platoon Sergeant Speck.

Everyman's War sat around waiting for a distributor, then director Thad T. Smith reported:
  • ShowWest in Vegas went great, Sony Pictures Classic is interested in the film.

  • Accepted as an official selection into the GI film festival in Washington DC in May! Really cool!

  • Also have a deal cooking to distribute it through the National Guard to all bases worldwide! We are planning to do another film right away if that goes through.
Good luck, Thad! Wishing you all the best.

Questions remain. ..

After visiting the set, will Niko, Rick and Karen's son, get bitten by the acting bug?

Will this jump start Mr. Rick's Hollywood career?

If it does, will he still have to help with the dishes?

Where is Rick's listing on IMDB?

Does Rick always have that wild look in his eye?

And of course, Rick is coming soon to a company cubicle near me. He promises to sign as many autographs as it takes for Karen to wrap up scheduling the pile of customer's advertising campaigns and come home with a big commission check. She's good. Probably won't take too long. Rick...
RICK! You can put the gun down, now.



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