Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Harrison Ford is sitting in my desk

"Did you know that they were making a movie in your old-new building?" my sister asked over IM.

"Yes," I typed back. "I went down to allow Mr. Ford to meet me, but he was afraid he might say something to embarrass himself and stayed in his trailer."

I know you're thinking, Mr. Ford? Why so formal, why not just dive in and call him Harrison? Well, to be honest, he hasn't met me yet. We would have to be properly introduced to go by first names. He can't just walk up and say, 'Hey, The First, how's biz?'

Ford might be shy. I am not. I paid no attention to the closed sidewalk signs, just marched right up, and said, "Hey! Hey guys, yoo-hooooo."

They had to crawl out of their equipment trailer, but we had a lively discussion. They posed gladly for a picture then asked to shake my hand -- it was a ploy to get close to me. I complied. Everyone smiled.

Picture below are the grips working on Harrison Ford's next movie, Donny and Chip. (I'm not sure those were their real names, he doesn't look like an Osmond, and who calls their kid Chip?)



The First Carol said...

Watch video: transforming media company's building for filming of the Crowley Project.

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