Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gems within old leather bound books

My dad thrust a small book in my hands and exhorted me to read a couple of the chapters. His finger tapped the open pages to draw my attention to exactly which two. I nodded a quick 'uh-huh' and set the book aside. Later that day, a twinge of guilt plucked at my conscience and I picked up the book from where I had discarded it. I cracked opened the old green leather and thumbed through the thin beige pages. I ought to at least read a little something, I thought.

I scanned the text, stopped and re-read. There are gems in old books.

A story should first of all mean something, should have some value to the reader for the better understanding or living of life. The second requirement is that it be presented in a form of beauty.

From the General Introduction of The Best Tales of Edgar Allan Poe, 1924.

Books should offer meaning, value, beauty. I couldn't have received a more poignant message. Thanks, Dad.



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