Friday, May 22, 2009

Harrison Ford mixes it up with cute shoes

I put on my cute shoes yesterday. In total preparation for the meet and greet with Harrison Ford. It made it difficult to work. I'm sure he was as nervous as I felt, and likely neither one of us got enough paper pushing done.

Well, guess what? I think we got our wires crossed, because Mr. Ford did not meet me, he met my friend Dale Chumbley, who authorized use of the evidence. Dale's picture appeared in the local media, and after Dale begged me sufficiently, I relented and agreed to allow him to post his picture here on my blog.

Before Dale got all famous and began hanging out with famous movie-star-directors he labored with me in the local media. I gave Dale work orders and he drove the company's customer service car. Dale wasn't done with my family and went on to work with my sister. I've written about her before, she's my OLDER sister, always has been. One of the most amazing aspects of Dale is his continuous smile, joyous embracing, of life no matter what the obstacles and he's had a few, and his professional dedication to his real estate clients.

Now, real estate is something I know about (no, I don't). In fact, there's a pinch of real estate in my manuscript, commercial real estate, joint venture deals, unauthorized movement of money, a big fight between Kerri Ann and her husband Lee...

There you go, allowing things to get all sidetracked on ME, when I wanted to share Dale's good fortune. Take a look!
Thanks, Dale! You're the best. I'll be buying that cup of coffee for you now, and catching up on all your news. (I think I have that backwards, the conversation will likely be all about me, but you already knew that).



The First Carol said...

Watch video: transforming media company's building for filming of the Crowley Project.

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